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Welcome to

Hello, welcome to I plan on changing the name to the site in the future as soon as I can up up with something better. Anyways, this site is for me to link to my other, bigger sites. Below you will see banners that will take you to one of my sites. All sites are about my favorite video games; however, under, "Site Stuff", I have little pages that are apart of this site. I plan on adding more, but that will be sometime in the future. In the meantime, keep checking back and maybe I'll have more things up soon.

Bloodstone Society
Bloodstone Society
A site dedicated to the awesome dhampir, BloodRayne.

Zoness city
Zoness City
A site dedicated one of Nintendo's titles, Star Fox.

Killer Instinct HQ
Killer Instinct HQ
Based on the classic fighting game: Killer Instinct.

Queen of Outworld
Queen of outworld
A site dedicated to all my favorite Mortal Kombat characters.

Brain Dead Circle
Brain Dead Circle
Brain Dead Circle is a message board that have sections of video games that I like.