Age: Unknown
Height: Very Tall
Weight: Unknown

KI Background/Moves


Eyedol was set free from Limbo by Ultratech. He is to fought as the main test in Ultratech. But unknown to Ultratech, they didn't know what kind of power they sat free.

"Billy... Are you my long lost son Billy?..."
"Why would I be your son?... My name's Eyedol."
"My son was lost in a car crash... I gave him those bracelets for his birthday....."
"Somehow.......... we don't think so."
WHAP! "Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh..."

Special Moves
Fireball: D, DF, F +Punch
Club Swing: B, F + FP
Bull Charge: B, F + WP
Ground Stomp: B + MP
Jumping Club: B, F +Kick
Club Stab: B + FP
Combo Breaker: B, F + FP

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