Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown

KI2 Background/Moves


The Tiger Spirit, the Supreme Warlord, the Ultimate Servant of Chaos. He has had many names and many appearances to match, all equally deadly. Returning to the ancient world with neither Eyedol nor those responsible for his banishment around to threaten him, Gargos takes his place once more at the head of his devoted cult amidst the shadows. Swiftly recovering the strength lost during his 2000 year exile, he sets his sights on a reign of unopposed fear and brutality.

Special Moves
Flame: D,DF,F [QP]
Fly: U [FP]
Air Fireball: D,DF,F [FP]
Shoulder Dash: D,DB,B [MK/FK]
Jumping Overhead Slam: D,DF,F [K]
Laugh: D,DB,B [FP]
Uppercut: F,D,DF [FP]
Combo Breaker: D,DF,F [P/K]
Recovery Move: D,DF,F [FP]
Air Combo: D,DF,F [P]
Counter: B [QP]
Throw: F [FP]
Reversal: F [FP]
Pressure Move: F [FK]

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