Age: Unknown
Height: Variable
Weight: Unknown

KI Background/Moves


An alien being from a distant planet. Crash landing on Earth, he was captured by Ultratech, hoping to prove the aliens are inferior, they force Glacius to fight for his life.

After he escapes from Ultratech's grasp, Glacius returns to the site of his crashed spaceship. With the advanced technology present at Ultratech, Glacius can take the materials he needs and repair his damaged ship. As the memories of the evil he faced at Ultratech slowly fade, Glacius begins the long arduous trek back to his home world.

Special Moves
Shockwave Fireball: D, DF, F +Punch
Teleport Uppercut: D, DF, F +Kick
Teleport: D, DF, F + WP
Shoulder Charge: (B), F +Punch
Fist Blade: F, DF, D DB + QP
Quicky Punches: QP rapidly
Combo breaker: B, F +Punch

Finishing Moves
Ultra: B, F + FP
Humiliation: F, F, B + QK

No Mercy1: [Sweep Distance] B, DB, D, DF, F + MP
Glacius extends a long pick from his hand freezing his opponent by touching them.

No Mercy2: [Stand Anywhere] B, B, B + FK
Glacius turns into a pool of liquid and slides under the opponent. The opponent is sucked down into the pool.

KI2 Background/Moves


The ordeals of this alien ambassador explain why his race made a point of avoiding contact with us until his descendant was forced to crash-land on our world 2000 years later. Sent to Earth by his race in search of a scout party long since lost, Glacius soon found himself imprisoned by the surviving followers of Gargos. In the chaos caused by the arrival of warriors from the far future and their demonic foe, he seizes the opportunity to escape his captors and battle his way to freedom.

Special Moves
Cold Shoulder: D,DF,F,[MP]
Liquidize: D,DF,F [K]
Icy Grip: D,DF,F,[QP]
Arctic Blast: D,DB,B,[P]
Ice Lance: D,DB,F,[FP]
Energy Gain: D,DF,F (QK)
Combo Braker: D,DF,F,[P/K]
Ultra Braker: B,DB,D,DF,F,B [QP] -+ 6 Bar Blocks +-
Recovery Move: D,DF,F [MK/FK]
Air-Combo: D,DF,F [K]
Throw: F [FP]
Reversal: B [FP]
Pressure Move: F [FK]

Super Moves
Arctic Slam: B,DB,D,DF,F,B, [MP] -+ 3 Bar Blocks +-
Arctic Breath: F,DF,D,DB,B,F, [FP] -+ 4 Bar Blocks +-
Quad Throw: B,DB,D,DF,F,B [QP] -+ 6 Bar Blocks +-
Reverse Uppercut: D,DB,B [FK] -+ 3 Bar Blocks +-
Super Uppercut Rush: B,DB,D,DF,F,B [FK] -+ 3 Bar Blocks +-

Finishing Moves:
Mini Ultra: D,DB,B [QK]
Ultra Combo: D,DF,F [QK]
Ultimate Ice Spear: D,DB,B,F [MK]
No Mercy Ice Crusher: B,F,DF,D,DB,B [QK]

KI (2013) Background/Moves

Age: Unknown
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Threat Level: Exreme
Location: Arctic Rim


Honor-driven Glacius has return to earth as protector, to safeguard against misuse of technology he was forced to leave behind after his last journey. His ship's power core stolen, Glacius is determined to find the thief, and undo the damage done by his abandoned tech.

Move list coming soon.
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