Age: 4
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 400 lbs

KI Background/Moves


A product of Ultratech's DNA manipulation project. By mixing human and reptilian genes, they hope to cross intelligence and ferocity in a lethal fighting machine.

Ultratech's plans to create a genetically engineered weapon have escalated beyond even the company's control. By toying with the laws of nature, Ultratech has finally doomed the human race. Dinosaurs once again rule the Earth.

Special Moves
Flaming Spit: D, DB, B +Punch
Air Flaming Spit: [While in air] D, DB, B +Punch
Flame Breath: F, DF, D, DB + FP
Body Whip: F, DF, D, DB +Kick
Claw Swipe: F, DF, D, DB + QP
Jumping Claw: (B), F +Kick
Jumping Claw 2: (F), B + MK/QK
Head Charge: (B), F +Punck
Combo Breaker: B, F +Kick

Finishing Moves
Ultra: B, F + QK
Humiliation: D, D, F, F + FP

No Mercy: [Outside Sweep] B, DB, D, DF, F + MP
Riptor jumps at his opponent and the screen goes black. Next you see him with a big belly, burping.

No Mercy 2: B,B,B, MK
Riptor spits acid at his opponent, frying them.
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