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Orchid's Outpost was born in 2000 on Geocities, back when I first started to learn how to make a website. The website didn't really have a name...it was like "My KI Site". Then around...2002-2004 I started calling it Killer Instinct HQ. There were time where KI-HQ wasn't updated at all. Then in 2006, KI-HQ got moved to Netfirms. Well, Netfirms closed down the site without telling me about my billing date and so ended KI-HQ's new home. After that, KI-HQ got moved to 50Webs...until that went down; however, I had everything saved and I bought my own domain again in 2010 so KI-HQ got back up and fighting.

In the end od 2012, I knew it was time for a name change. People started calling their own KI sites, "KI-HQ" or places on Youtube. I was tired of the name anyways. I was thinking of calling it, "Ultratech HQ", but I was meh on that. I decided on the name Orchid's Outpost. Orchid is my favorite character but she is a spy so it'd make sense for her to have all the infomation on everything KI related and its' warriors.

Orchid's Outpost used to be kind of popular but with the website going on and offline people thought it was done for, thus the site is pretty dead in that regard. Nevertheless, This site is my teenage baby...and yes, I am ten billion years old.

About Me

I'm a chick who became a fan of the series in 1995, just when the game came out to Blockbuster. Every week I would go there and my mom would rent me a video game, so I saw Killer Instinct and rented it. I became a fan right away when I played it. I became an even bigger fan when I saw that it was on the arcade at my mom's old job, it was like a, "Whoa...duuuuude!" moment. I remembered playing it for hours and getting yelled at because I wouldn't get off it...annnd wasting a lot of quarters. Fun times.

Other favorite games: DC Universe Online, Injustic: God Among Us, Mortal Kombat, Scribblenauts Unlimited, American McGee's Alice, Left 4 Dead 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Beyond Good & Evil, BloodRayne 2, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Dead Rising 2...and I'll stop there because I have boatloads of others I like.

Steam Account: sinfulorchid

Facebook: I have a FB account for Goddessoffiction.com. Any updates regarding my domain or anything related to the subjects I have on there (KI, MK, Star Fox, Blood Rayne, and Guild Wars, or my forums), I will post it on there. Go There.

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