About the KI Games

Developer(s) Rare
Publisher(s) Midway (Arcade), Nintendo

About 2,000 years ago...erm, I mean 1994, two teams, Nintendo and Rareware, joined together to create a weapon against all other fighting games. A weapon so powerful that it was ahead of its' time. This weapon was called Killer Instinct.

Killer Instinct had amazing graphics for its time. This is because KI was the first arcade game to have an internal hard disk drive. This allowed Rare to have freedom to do whatever they wanted with the graphics. Levels were designed to allow characters to move anywhere they want, and to zoom out when characters would back away from each other, allowing you to view the scenery and to keep a good safe distance away from your opponent's attacks (except for fireballs). In addtion, each and other character was unique and had their own sounds, music, level, and combos.

Combos...the insane combos and Ultras that can be up to 40+ hits, probably made the game big. Yes, the graphics and characters were great, but how many fighting games in 1994 let you do insane amount of hits on a opponent? To also help with this theory, Killer Instinct was released on the Super Nintendo and on Gameboy. Obviously, due to SNES hardware, the graphics were greatly reduce, and even more so on Gameboy. Killer Instinct still became a big hit. In fact, in was doing so well, a Killer Instinct 2 was made and released on the arcades in 1996.

There was talks of KI2 coming to Nintendo Ultra 64, but a Killer Instinct Gold was made for Nintendo 64 instead. Due to memory limitations on N64, FMVs were taken out and so were the multiple endings for characters.

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