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Why I like Frost:

I was never really a fan of Sub-Zero. I didn't hate the character, but he was just okay to me; however, Frost - a female verison of Sub-Zero, comes along and joins the MK games. Even though her powers are similar to Sub-Zero's, I just find Frost more unique. I like her spiky, white hair and the rest of her design. I guess I just find a woman with freezing abilities better than a dude who has them.

Deadly Alliance Bio:

Frost's Bio Frost's Bio

Deadly Alliance Ending:

Frost's DA Ending As they traveled back to the portal that would return them to Earthrealm, Sub-Zero revealed to Frost that she had been an integral part in the destruction of the Deadly Alliance, and that he was proud to have her as a member of the Lin Kuei clan. But unknown to Sub-Zero, Frost's true intention for joining the Lin Kuei was to become Grand Master herself. She used her ice blast to temporarily immobilize him and ripped the Dragon Medallion from his chest.

Frost's DA Ending As she held the medallion, she felt power surge through her body. Lacking the strength and discipline required to control the medallion's immense power, she was consumed by her own freezing ability.

Deception (Unchain) Bio:
Frost's Bio Frost's Bio
Deception (Unchain) Ending:

Frost's D Ending Sub-Zero returned to Earthrealm only to find many of his clan slain by Frost. She had come back to the Lin Kuei temple with the intention of killing only him, but she was now delirious and saw Sub-Zero everywhere. Frost's D Ending Sub-Zero blasted her with intense cold, freezing her until she could be revived and cured of her dementia. He laid her on an altar in the chamber of fallen Lin Kuei and sealed the room with a wall of ice. Frost will one day recover. When that day comes, she will have to answer for her crimes against the Lin Kuei.

Armageddon Bio

Frost's Bio
Armageddon Ending:

Her strength increased, Frost once againt took the Dragon Medallion from Sub-Zero and enhanced her freezing power far beyond her former mentor's. Traveling to Outworld, she located the tomb of her ancestors, the Cryomancers, and planted their souls in the bodies of the current Lin Kuei. Her army of Cryomancers conquered the realms, leaving each of them a frozen wasteland.


Frost Frost
Frost Frost

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