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Why I like Jade:

Jade may have been a cheap knockoff of Kitana in Mortal Kombat 2, but I thought she was cool. She was fast and her green outfit looked cool. In Ultimate MK3, she wasn't no longer a clone of Kitana and she had an interesting background story. In addition, her special moves were cool, too. In Deception, she became even more interesting to me because she had to fight her best friend and help Queen Sindel find a way to break the spell on Kitana. Oh, and the, "Girls Gone Wired", was funny. ;}

Mortal Kombat 2:

MK2 Jade

There is no bio nor ending for Jade in MK2.

Ultimate MK3/Trilogy Bio:

Jade's Bio
Ultimate MK3/Trilogy Ending:

Jade's Bio Jade's Bio Jade's Bio
Deception Bio:
Jade's Bio Jade's Bio
Deception Ending:

Jade's D Ending The traitor Tanya had given the Dragon King the information he needed to finish merging the Kamidogu. But before he conquered all the realms, Jade would see Tanya dead. Jade had allowed Baraka's soldiers to capture her, feigning defeat in battle. As Tanya approached her prisoner, Jade waited for the right moment... Jade's D Ending and threw a glass orb filled with concentrated Tarkata essence at her. The glass broke, splashing its contents across Tanya's body. Baraka and his vile savages worked themselves into an uncontrolled frenzy. They perceived Tanya to be a rival male and instinctively attacked. I doubt she survived the encounter..

Armageddon Bio:

There is no bio for Jade at this time, and probably won't be. The MK team only made bios for a few characters, and either didn't have the time, or they didn't care to finish making bios for the other characters.

Armageddon Ending:

Defeated, Blaze transferred godlike power to Jade and instructed her to make true that which she most desired. As if controlled by some divine force, she let out a tremendous shriek that split open the pyramid. As she inhaled, the forces of Darkness were sucked inside the ancient structure. It then resealed itself, trapping them there for eternity. Jade was celebrated as a hero -- and the pyramid stood as a reminder to those who would threaten Edenia.

Mortal Kombat Bio:

An assassin for Shao Kahn, Jade has earned a reputation as an agile and stealthy warrior. Her family was Edenian nobility and served the emperor once he conquered their realm, giving Jade to him as tribute when she was a child. After years of rigorous training in the art of kombat, Shao Kahn awarded her the position of Bodyguard to Princess Kitana. Over the centuries she and Kitana have become close friends, which makes Jade's secret orders from Shao Kahn painful to accept: Should Kitana's loyalty falter, Jade must kill her friend.

Mortal kombat Ending:

Coming sometime in the future.

New Pictures:

Jade Jade Versus
Jade Wins Jade's Classic Costume

Jade Jade
Jade Jade
Jade Jade
Jade Jade

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