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Why I like Scorpion:

At first, I didn't really have much interest in Scorpion. He was just okay to me and very overrated. While to this day, I still find him overrated, I find he is a cool and fun character to play as. He does have an interesting background story as well, and in MK 2011...well, I'll just say he thought more about things before doing it, which shows he is more than a mere puppet.

Mortal Kombat Bio:

Mortal Kombat 1 Scorpion

Like Sub-Zero, Scorpion's true name and origin are not known. He has shown from time to time distrust and hatred towards Sub-Zero. Between Ninjas, this is usually a sign of opposing clans.

Mortal Kombat Ending:

Mortal Kombat 1 Scorpion Mortal Kombat 1 Scorpion

Marked for death years ago by the Lin Kuei, Scorpion was murdered by Sub-Zero. He left behind a wife and child in his former life but was allowed to return and avenge his death.

Even with Scorpion's triumph in the Tournament and new title as Grand Champion, the price he paid was high. He can never again know his family and must exist forever with his secret curse.

Mortal Kombat 2 Bio:

Scorpion's Bio
Mortal Kombat 2 Ending:

Scorpion's Ending Scorpion's Ending
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3/Trilogy Bio:

Scorpion's Bio
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3/Trilogy Ending:

Scorpion's Ending Scorpion's Ending Scorpion's Ending
Mortal Kombat 4:

Scorpion's Bio
Mortal Kombat 4 Ending:

Ending here
I linked it to a video on Youtube. I could have upload one on this site for you to download, but the one on Youtube is in better quality.

Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero:


Quan Chi hires Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei to find an amulet, and Sub-Zero is sent to find the map leading to its location. He did not know that Quan Chi had hired a Japanese ninja from the rival Shirai Ryu clan, Hanzo Hasashi, code-named Scorpion, for the same task in case Sub-Zero failed. Hasashi and Sub-Zero encounter each other, and Sub-Zero kills him in cold blood.

Deadly Alliance Bio:
Scorpion's Bio Scorpion's Bio
Deadly Alliance Ending:

Scorpion's DA Ending
The hunt for Quan Chi had led Scorpion to the palace of Shang Tsung. Scorpion entered the palace through a hidden passage. As he made his way through the lower levels, he was discovered by the two Oni he had previously encountered while in the Netherealm. Shang Tsung had secretly allied with Moloch and Drahmin as a backup defense against Quan Chi. The two Oni had been hidden in an underground chamber and were periodically fed mortals to keep them satisfied. Scorpion's Ending
Scorpion fought well but was overpowered by Moloch and Drahmin. Although the could not consume the ninja spectre, they devised another means for eliminating their foe that would satisfy their cruel nature. The Oni brough Scorpion before the portal to The Heavens that Shang Tsung had tapped as a source of limitless souls. They hurled him into the Soulnado and his hellspawn body was ripped apart by the purity of that realm.

Deception Bio:
Scorpion's Bio Scorpion's Bio

Scorpion's MKD Ending
The Elder Gods had transformed Scorpion into their weapon in order to defeat the Dragon King before his plans of domination unmade the realms. With his enhanced abilities, he tirelessly tracked Onaga through the realms until finally he cornered him in the Nexus. The Dragon King had many allies, but they were of no consequence. Scorpion's MKD Ending
It was in fact Scorpion who was the true Champion of the Elder Gods, the Enforcer of their will. Only he could stop the menace that threatened all that exists. Only he could defeat the Dragon King.

Armageddon Bio:

Like many others in MK: Armageddon, there is no bio for Scorpion in this game.

Armageddon Ending:

As the fire of Blaze was extinguished, what appeared in its place brought elation to Scorpion's tormented soul. His ninja clan, the Shirai Ryu, had been fully resurrected. Numbering in the thousands, they covered the surface of the pyramid awaiting Scorpion's command. Among them was Scorpion's wife and son. Their reunion was to be short-lived. The sorcerer Quan Chi suddenly appeared among them. He grabbed Scorpion's young son and disappeared through a portal to the Netherrealm. Enraged, Scorpion ordered his clan to hunt down the sorcerer. He will not rest until his son has been recovered and Quan Chi is dead!

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Bio:

Scorpion was once a member of the Shirai Ryu ninja clan before he was slain by the elder Sub-Zero. Resurrected by the sorcerer Quan Chi, he entered the Mortal Kombat tournament and killed Sub-Zero to avenge the murders of his family and clan. But Sub-Zero's younger brother assumed his name and donned the familiar blue assassin's garb. Though he remains Quan Chi's enforcer, Scorpion will not rest until this Sub-Zero has been slain as well.

Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Ending:

Scorpion's Ending
Though Dark Kahn was defeated, his consciousness lived on. The Dark Lord's power and maliciousness found the perfect host in the body of the wrathful Scorpion. In the midst of his agony, Scorpion knew that he would soon be the most powerful creature in the universe - if he survived the transformation.

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks:


Mortal Kmbat - Bio:


Hanzo Hasashi was once a member of the Japanese Shirai Ryu ninja clan. Given the name Scorpion for his blindingly fast and deadly fighting skill, his life was blessed with glorious kombat in the name of his Grand Master. But when he, his family and his clan were brutally exterminated by Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei, Scorpion's existence became eternal torment. Resurrected by the malevolent necromancer Quan Chi, he entered the Mortal Kombat tournament to slay Sub-Zero and avenge the murders of his kin.

Mortal Kmbat - Ending:

Coming sometime in the future.

New Pictures:

Scorpion MK2011 Versus Scorpion
Scorpion's Classic Costume Scorpion
Scorpion's Fire Scorpion Unmasked

Scorpion Scorpion
Scorpion MK3 Versus Scorpion MK4
Scorpion MK4 Scorpion MK4
Scorpion MK4 Versus Scorpion MK:DA
Scorpion Scorpion
Scorpion Scorpion
Scorpion Scorpion
Scorpion MKA Versus Scorpion MK 2011

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