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New Colors & Skarlet:

I changed the site banner/colors as you've, plus I added new pictures to skarlet's page.

Quan-Chi & Scarlet (& DLC news) (6/16/2011):

Quan-Chi's bio and a couple of pics from the new MK are up. I added Skarlet to the character section. I updated the About Me section (DarkOrchid).

On June 21st, you'll be able to download Skarlet. Oh, it's a little late for me to say this, but for those who don't on, on Xbox Live, you can buy the classic ninja costumes. I'm sorry for not updating this site with recent news...but I don't think it matters because I don't think anyone visits this site. ;p

One more thing, I do plan on adding a movelist to the characters, I just have been slow about it, but I plan on doing that soon (plus the new endings).

Shao Kahn & Scorpion (6/15/2011):

I added Shao Kahn's and Scorpion's bios and news pictures of them from MK2011. Sorry it took long to update. I took a three week trip and came back a couple of weeks ago, and I'm just now getting back into the groove of things.

Kitana, Jade, & Raiden (5/10/2011):

I added MK 2011 bios and pictures for these characters: Raide, Kitana, & Jade.

Mileena & Facebook (5/7/2011):

I have Mileena's bio up from MK 20011, plus some new pictures of her from that game. I made a Facebook account for updates I do to this site, or any other site that's hosted on Goddessoffiction.com. Facebook here

Videos (5/4/2011):

I have some videos I made from MK:
MK vs. DC: Random Battles Part 1
MK vs. DC: Random Battles Part 2
Raidem music video (WARNING: contain spoilers from the new MK)

New Year...New Stuff (5/4/2011):

I've been bad about updating this site with new updates from the recent MK game. I'm sorry about that. Since I have ADD, my mind loses interest in one thing, then I work on something else. That's why you don't see me making promises when it comes to websites. Not to mention it's been a very hectic year so far. Anyways, I have the new MK and beaten the story mode. I don't want to give away anything, but I will say the story mode was kinda cheesy and it could've been better (but I'm a deep plot kinda girl); however, it IS a fighting game, so I didn't expect too much, and I actually did like the story.

Anyways, I added new pictures for Sindel and her bio from MK 2011 (I refuse to call it MK9). I'm also thinking of adding some other character sections to the site. I'm not sure what I'll do yet, but time will tell. I'm also thinking about adding the endings from the game (in video format) for people to download or upload them to my Youtube page.

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