About Zoness City:

Zoness City was made in 2002; however; it was a project site with no title. It did contained some Star Fox and Zelda stuff. Later on, I moved the Zelda stuff to a site to itself, thus the "no title" site became Corneria HQ, then as of the end of 2010, I renamed it Zoness City. Why the name change, you may ask...well, because I got tired of Corneria HQ. It sounded too, "goody-goody". Zoness sounds neutral; besides Zoness is a cool level - both in SF64 and Assualt. Anyways, I don't plan on doing anything fancy to Zoness City in the future. I like keeping things small because I work on other websites that require my attention.

I'm the only person that works on Zoness City. I'm have no relations to any Star Fox sites/forums out there on the web.

Link to Zoness City: (please save the buttons on your PC instead of hotlinking)

URL: http://goddessoffiction.com/Zoness

88x31: Fox Leon Krystal

200x40: Wolf

Some info about me:

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