Star Fox Adventures
Bosses and Cheat Tokens


Use Tricky's Flame Command to free Boss Galdon from the Ice. Attack Galdon's Tail until he swallows you. Next, attack the hanging blob with the Spellstone in it, until Galdon spits you out.

Shoot Galdon with the FireBlaster aiming for the slit on his chest. Next, he'll swallow you once more, so attack the hanging blob again until the SpellStone is broken free.

Red Eye
Shoot the Fire Blast Switch on the corner and grab the Fuel Barrel. Step on the switch to electrocute the RedEye boss, then throw the Fuel Barrel to cause damage.
Note: You can only electrocute the RedEye when its mouth is open. A good time to hit the switch is right after he roars.
Repeat this process four times to knock out the RedEye.

Race for the SpellStone
Just ram the three SharpClaws off their Jet Bikes and get the SpellStone. That simple.

Since you're flying on a set path, you just need to concentrate your fire on Drakor. Also, look for power-ups to revitalize your health.

First, target the two eyes and the jewel on his forehead. When he turns to Andross, target the Jewels on each hand.
Try to catch the silver rings he blows out his mouth, then spin repeatedly to avoid being sucked in.
NOTE: If you get sucked in, you'll have to start over from the begining.
Once he turns back to the Spirit Mask, shoot out his eyes and jewel on his forehead again.
Next, destroy the jewels in his hands once more.
Now, Falco will appear dropping bombs into the debris that Andross blows at you. Pick up one of the bombs in the debris, and wait for him to vacuum you up, then shoot him in the mouth with a bomb.
Andross will become transparent and his brain will appear. Target his brain, but avoid him when he rushes towards you. You may have to repeat this to finish the job.

Cheat Tokens:
To open up Cheats in the game, you will need to find Cheat Tokens in wells hidden through out Dinosaur Planet. Once you find a Cheat Token, throw it in the well in the Game Well Maze below WarpStone to activate it. You'll receive the message "Cheat Activated", but you won't know the name of the cheat. See individual cheats to see where and how the cheat menu is enabled.

Display Credits: Description: This cheat will let you see the credits in the game.
Where Found: Find the Cheat Token in the ThornTail Store and drop it into the Game Well Maze well to get this option to appear on your Main Options screen.

Play Music:
Description: This cheat allows you to play all of the music in the game.
Where Found: Find the Cheat Token in Ice Mountain, then drop it into the Game Well Maze well to make this option appear in your Audio Options.

Dinosaur Language:
Description: This cheat will show subtitles for the dinosaur language.
Where Found: Find the Cheat Token in Moon Mountain Pass, then drop it into the Game Well Maze well to make this option appear in the Language Options screen.

Black and White Mode:
Description: This cheat will let you play the game in a black and white type mode. The screen will appear in different shades of brown.
Where Found: Find the Cheat Token in Cape Claw, then drop it into the Game Well Maze well to make this option appear in the Main Options screen.

Fortune Told:
Description: This cheat will tell you a fortune at the Game Well Maze well.
Where Found: Find the Cheat Tokens in LightFoot Village, SnowHorn Wastes, Volcano Force Point Temple, and the Ocean Force Point Temple. When you throw them into the Game Well Maze well, they'll tell you a fortune.

LightFoot Village, rescue the children to make Rocket Boost Pad appear. Use it to reach a well on the upper ridge of LightFoot Village.

SnowHorn Wastes, ride ice floes down the river to find the token well.

Volcano Force Point Temple, drop down to the left of the main gate, plant a Moon Seed, then climb the vine.

Ocean Force Point Temple, during your second visit, after the electric panels, swim off to the right to find a Portal Door.

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