Falco Lombardie
Falco Lombardie

Blaster: B
Fire Bird: Up + B
Falco Phantasm: Forward B
Reflector: Down B
Note: This info is mostly Brawl stuff, but Falco has the same move list as he did in SSB Melee. The only thing that has change is the graphics and Falco's design, so that's why you won't see a SMelee Falco page.
Other Info: Falco's rank on the recent tier list is number 4. Like in the last two SSB games, Falco must be unlocked: In Melee, you must complete the 100-Man Melee mode and then beat Falco in battle. In brawl: Beat 100 Man Brawl or 70 matches. Like Fox, Falco's final smash is the landmaster.

From Smash Bros. DOJO:
"Falco is a pilot from the Star Fox series. Hes a cool customer who likes doing things his own way. He has the best initial jump of all the characters, and he likes shooting his Blaster as he leaps about."

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