Fox McCloud
Fox McCloud

Blaster: B
Fire Fox: Up + B
Fox Illusion: Forward B
Reflector: Down B
Note: This info is mostly Brawl stuff, but Fox has the same move list as he did in the past two SSB games. The only thing that has change is the graphics and Fox's design, so that's why you won't see a SSB/Melee Fox page.
Other Info: Fox's rank on the recent tier list is number 15. Like in the last two SSB games, Fox is still very fast and he is considered to be in the light class. Fox final smash is the landmaster.

From Smash Bros. DOJO:
"Fox is just one of many so-called speed characters. His costume has been completely updated, so hes full of fighting spirit. Run! Fly! Move boldly! For such moves are the essence of Fox!"

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