Rita LaShette:
Fan Art

LadiesRock On Foxy Ladies!
"StarFox ladies in a Nightwish-esque band. Though I think they ended up looking a bit more like a punk band instead of a metal band. Also, no Krystal, sorry. But you get Fara! ^_^ (and I put Rita on the drums because she is good at hitting things... hur hur)" -- Rita
FoxChain Chomp Love
Aww, how cute! Fox found him a nice friend! :}
KattKatt Monroe
Just what the title says.
Falco walking in the snow.
Fly BoyFly Boy
Fox McCloud.
Seeing RedSeeing Red
Heh Heh, I love Fox's grin in this picture...and I'm sure there's going to be a lot of red when Rita gets through with him...
SnuzzThe Snuzz
A cute drawing of Fox and Rita snuzzing..
Poor Slippy doesn't get drawn enough.
FalcoSuited Up
Falco in a nice suit.
KattMistress Katt
Someone's been very naughty.
LoveBecause I love you, Lazer Brain!
Wolf and Rita hugging.
FoxThe Son of James McCloud
"Fox McCloud, as a teen, shortly after hearing of his father's death." -- Rita
HugsFox & Rita
Fox and Rita hugging.
FemalesFoxy Ladies
Fox and Wolf as females.
Falco & KattFalco & Katt
Old drawing of Katt & Falco.
Foxy AngelsFoxy Angels
Old Drawing of Katt, Fara, and Rita.

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