StarFox Cheats

Extra life
On certain levels there is three triangles rotating. If you shoot 3-5 times in the middle of it, a life should appear. If it's not done correctly nothing will happen.

Object test
Use the following buttons to control objects in the game at the "Continue" screen.

Horizontal rotation: Left or Right
Vertical rotation: Up or Down
Stop rotation: X
Zoom in: L
Zoom out: R
Object trails: Hold A and move D-pad
Change objects: Press Start, Select, Y, B, or the D-pad on controller two

Hint: Warp Zone details
The following information is about the warp zone that James McCloud (Fox's father) died investigating. Select the middle road to Venom. After reaching the asteroid field, three sets of five asteroids spinning in a line will appear. The middle asteroid is red one, which indicates that it is destructible. The camera angle should be inside for more precision. Get as close as possible to the first middle asteroid and at the last second, shoot it. Your ship might get hit by the remaining asteroid; make sure your ship has enough shields remaining. It might be a little longer (five to fifteen seconds) before your ship reaches the next asteroid. Repeat your last second shots for the next two asteroids. The third asteroid takes about one second to reach after the second one. Be prepared to destroy it at the last second. An asteroid with a weird gray smiley face with red eyes will appear. Destroy this asteroid, which may be difficult, to open a black hole. Do not fire at it; just fly through the black hole to enter. There are three spinning circles of small objects in the black hole spaced far apart. The third spinning circle leads to Venom. If you pass by it, your ship will just start at the beginning of the black hole level again, as if flying in a circle.

Choose path 1, play through until you come to the Asteroid Field. When you come to the third caterpillar blast the rotating Asteroid and fly though middle. Next blast the smiling asteroid and fly into the Black Hole. Once inside keep flying until you come to the third yellow ring. Fly into it and your at Venom.

The Whale appears if you do not shoot any Blue Sting Rays. It will appear on the Amoeba level of Path 2, the one that ends in the spinning boss with the long arms. (The stage right before Venom.) It appears just before you reach the boss, and drops enough power-up's that you reach the boss with full energy, a shield, double twin blasters, and 5 nova bombs.

Black Hole:
To get to the Black Hole, play the game at "Level 1" difficulty until you reach the second stage. When you get past the third caterpillar, you'll see a rotating row of asteroids with an orange one in the middle. Shoot the middle one and fly through the gap. You'll come across two more pairs of asteroids that rotate. Do the same thing you did with the first. If done right, you will find a "laughing" asteroid. Destroy it to find the Black Hole bonus stage.

Out of this Dimension: Play on Path 3, the hardest one. Finish the first area by defeating the Ground Carrier. In the second area (Asteroid Belt), fly along, doing the usual things (destroying ships and rocks) until you see a large asteroid approaching on the left or left-middle of the screen. This is your clue to start watching for another large asteroid that approaches on the *right* of the screen. When this one on the right shows up, start shooting it, as fast as you can. If you pump enough firepower into it, it'll break open just before it passes you, and it will spit out an egg. The egg will float off into the distance (You might want to try to shoot it, this may or may not be vital), and then it will hatch into a bird.

The bird will slowly make its way towards you. When it gets pretty close, start trying to keep it in your cross-hairs. (Try doing this from the Cockpit view, although it might not matter.) Fly into it when it gets close -- try to hit it around its chest level. Decelerated so you have a better chance of aiming for it.

If it goes past you, crash into rocks to die, and try it again with your next ship. It takes less than a minute to reach the bird's location from the start of the Asteroid Belt, so this isn't too annoying.

If you hit it correctly, the screen will go weird on you, and you'll be dropped back to the Map Screen. Your ship will be moved to a small galaxy-shaped thing that wasn't visible before.

A giant jackpot machine will fly in. It has no energy bar. The only way past it seems to be by getting "7 7 7" on its wheels. Sometimes the buttons under the windows will light after a spin. Shooting the button will keep the wheel above it from spinning on your next pull of the lever. (You pull the lever by shooting it.) Unfortunately, I can't figure out what lights the buttons, and you can't shoot them unless they're lit, so you can't save your 7's unless they're lit. (There's also a demon-faced thing that can come up when you spin -- if any of them come up, the jackpot machine flips over and spits out lasers and missiles a couple of times. One person threw a Nova Bomb at the machine while it was spinning, and it come up demon-demon-demon. Coincidence? Don't know. But it shot at him a lot more than it normally does.)

Any spin that contains a cherry is a "win", and the machine flips over and spits out orange and gray coins. If you fly through them, they replenish your shields. These "wins" prevent you from saving any of the wheels on your next spin.

If you get "7 7 7", the machine spits out a bunch of coins and then blows up. You get the usual sound effects from destroying a boss, and then the credits roll. You can fly around trying to dodge the credits, but it seems not to really do anything. Later, the letters "THE END" will show up, in various colors and positions. Shooting them makes them fly away and come back in a different orientation and/or color. If you get them all orange and right-side-up, they all fly away and come back again. There seems to be no real point to it. It keeps on doing this.

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