Wolf O'Donnell
Wolf O'Donnell

Blaster: B
Fire Wolf: Up + B
Wolf Flash: Forward B
Reflector: Down B
Other Info: Wolf's rank on the recent tier list is number 22. Wolf is considered a heavy class character, but he has some quick punchs and kicks. He must be unlocked for you to play as him. You can unlock Wolf by going to the stage, "Iseki", (Ruins) as Fox: skip the first door you pass when being lowered in to the pit, then enter the second door at the bottom, OR you can play 450 Brawls matches.

From Smash Bros. DOJO:
"The Star Fox team’s greatest rival is Team Star Wolf. Sitting at the head of this group is Wolf O’Donnell. Wolf fights with his razor-sharp claws in a style that’s downright feral. His high risk, high return special moves are a blast to use."

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