You've played too much Star Fox when...

This is a very old thread I made on the TriFox/Corneria HQ forums. The people that added to the list are from the these forums. I would like to make a new page of this, so if you have something you can add that's not already mentioned on here, please feel free to e-mail me. :}

Sinful Orchid:

- You try to do a barrel roll with your car, or you yell at the driver to do a barrel roll.
- You don't come out of room for days; you don't even sleep or eat.
- You slap girls that have a high pitch voice and yell, "Shut up, Slippy!"
- On AIM, all you ever do is quote and randomly role play as the characters.
- (SF64) Star Wolf doesn't show up on any of the levels because they can't afford to keep buying new Wolfens.
- James doesn't show up at the end to save you. He figures you'll find you'll way out if you truly trust your instincts.
- When going through a red light, you try to find a boost in your car to get through.
- You throw an object at somebody and yell, "OK! GOT THEM!"


- You frantically search for the firing button when confronted with a stoplight.
- You often wonder how much easier it would be to drive if they'd replace the steering wheel with a game controller.
...and you draw up plans to do so.
...and they work.
- You quote the games without even noticing.
- You seriously consider naming your children after Star Fox characters.
- Your license plate is Star Fox-related.
- You can't name the planets in your own solar system, but you know the planets of the Lylat system and can give the circumference, the orbit length, the land mass/bodies of water ratios, the....
- You barrel roll in your sleep.
- You know you've been playing far too long when you close your eyes and still see the targeting crosshairs....

Wolf O'Donnell:

- Your parents yell at you for runnin' up the power bill.
- You start to dress up like the characters.

Meta S. Foxx:

- You start reinacting all of the parts in the game (even to your liking).

Space McCloud:

- You want to date some of the characters.
- All you ever talk about is Star Fox.

Todd O'Donnell:

- Every other thing you say is "I got them!"
- You can actually see the Lylatian planets in your teloscope.
- You petition to put Cerinians on the endangered species list.
- You fluently speak Dino.
- Instead of getting money, slot machines spit out paper-airplane-like projectiles when you play them.
- You've written biology reports on creatures such as Aparoids, the Monarch Dodora and Goras.
- You visit Fushimi Inari in Japan just to see the fox statues Miyamoto used for inspiration for McCloud.
- You named your computer Professor Hangar.
- You wonder what gang Falco used to belong to.
- You think the Krazoa should be a recognized religion.
- You think the song Sargent Pepper's Lonely Heart Band is about the Cornerian Military.
- You actually do listen to what Peppy tells you to do.
- You can actually understand the Dab-du-dab talk in the SNES games.


- When you have to mow your lawn to get out of your house.

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